Thursday, August 25, 2005


I thought I would do a little survey of sorts on and off. Its pretty interesting I think... or maybe I am just a boring person... hehehe.... *grin*
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always ~ keep in mind that everything happens for a reason and that is a purpose and season for everything under the sun.

ask ~ questions all the time... but most of the time no one can answer me.

am ~ a little strange, a little wierd, a little lonely, a little mad and a little crazy... but I am mostly normal.

am not ~ that fat though there are some people that certainly think I am but as G has said many times "Up their's lah!"

believe ~ that there is a God and that He loves us unconditionally and He forgives us for every wrong doing and I believe that there are Angels amongst us and that they lift us up in moments of despair and sadness, and when we are happy they rejoice along with us.

breathe ~ so that I can live. In and out the air goes circulating through my lungs. There was once when I couldn't breathe and I was so afriad that I was going to die - GAH!

can't help ~ but think about my childhood these days. There were so many good memories in my childhood. I wish that I could have a look at the child version of me and just give that child a hug.

care ~ for so many people and so many things. I shouldn't care for things as they are not alive, but I strangely feel some connection with my things... yes told you I was a little wierd...

called ~ your name over and over again and at that time I didnt' think you knew I was calling for you... but I was wrong. You were there all along. It was I that did not know see you right beside me.

cuss ~ more often these days though I am trying my very best to stop it. I shouldn't swear so much and should have a tighter rein on my tongue.

crave ~ a big plate of Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies, a plate of chicken rice from Satellite, an ice blended Ultimate from Coffee Bean and some french fries from Chilies, oh and a long holiday somewhere nice like western Europe with my family and the Possum!

care ~ for almost everything. I tend to care for the strangest things like terrapins, caged raccoons in pet shops, the poor children in Africa and everywhere else and cleaners in night clubs.

cry ~ quite a lot. I cry when I am happy, when I am sad, when I laugh too much, when I feel like everything is hopless, during movies, when I listen to sad songs, when I think of the people I love that I have lost, when I look through the boxes of memories, when I hurt myself, when I get shitty grades for my exams, when I don't have what I want and... I basically cry whenever I feel like it.

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chinyew said...

i have some similarity there.. but i'm not goin into details of which. gotto control my macho self.

but the club's cleaner are things that i feel but i forgot.



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