Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Trying @ the ParK!

I have been recently concerned about my weight.

Perhaps its because my clothes feel a little snug, or the fact that my friends have said ever to bluntly that I am looking "healthier" - thanks for the observation by the way! So in order to TRY and lose some kilos or grams or pounds - doesn't matter how much I lose, I just want to lose some - I decided that instead or loitering around 1Utama for the 2nd day in the row looking at electronic goods for the Possums new condo, I would go to the park.

So, I went home and persuaded by dad to go with me to Kiara. He agreed and I donned my sneakers - which is honestly needs replacing - and of we went.... lalalala...

On the way to the park, I passed my friends house (happened to be my primary school crush's house) and was surprised to see a tent and some Chinese thingy's hanging about and my dad was saying something the soul resting in peace and it hit me...
- funeral at his house.
All this thoughts starting racing in my mind... (They were not pleasant thoughts!)
Who's funeral was it?
I got out my phone and while I was texting him prayed that I would get a reply. After and agonising 5 minutes (by that time we had reached the park) the phone starting ringing its gay melody. It was him.
He said that it was his grandma and that everything was okay (thank God). Its not like we are close but I wouldn't like anything bad happening to my friends. So anyways, I said goodbye and to call if he needed anything and off me and my dad went.
On to the park. Kiara Park (the TTDI one) was full of people all enjoying the haze free weather. There were so many people in the park doing so many things. These were some of the people I saw:
+ The people who were seriously going all out to exercise. They had proper attire and were sweating.
+ Then there were the families having picnics with their children. Families that were playing games like badminton together with thier children. Mums and dads with their children playing in the water trying to catch little fishes to put in plastic containers. Mums and dads and maids watching their children playing on the junlge gyms and swings. Cool dads trying to play with their son's friends. Mums pushing prams and cooing at thier babies... and basically more families and parents doing things with thier kids.
+ There were also people that were engrossed with the tortoises and fish in the pond and drew to the waters edge feeding them scraps of fish and excitedly pointing to the tortoises and fish saying in loud chirpy voices "SEE that is a tort-tee-ease! SEE that is a fee-ish!" I was pleased though that they were feeding the animals with high quality bread that they truly deserved. *Mental note to start bringing bread again eventhough friends say I am crazy!
+ Then there were those that pretended to exercise. They jogged a couple of paces and then they brisked walked and then they strolled and continued this wierd little "exercise technique" till they got tired and left. (* YES! I belong to this category though in defence I tried to jog alot but got a sticth on my right hip so I had to brisk walk and that made the side ache more so I strolled. Was embarressed really - A young lady with so many aches and pains... *tsk tsk* )
+ There were also the people that just wanted to enjoy the scenery, the fresh air, the laughter of the children all whilest enjoying an ice cream (there is ice cream and soy bean for sale at the entrance!) and an ice cold soya bean. (* YES! I am guilty of doing that once or twice but this time round I avoided the ice cream man like a plague and set my sights on the jogging track- pats myself on the back!)

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I reached home about 7.40pm and felt so sleepy as I had woken up early that morning to go to church and had slept late the previous night. So I ate my dinner, talked to my parents for a bit, watched a bit of tv and then told everyone I was going to nap. I was actually so tired and I felt slightly sick (honestly!) and so I napped and what do you know, the next thing I knew it was Monday morning and the Possum was giving me my wakeup call. Apparently the night before I talked to him but I couldn't remember. I was probably was half asleep - hehehe.

As I stepped out of bed my legs were aching.

I felt like an old lady - GAH!

And to think that I didn't do that much. Anyways I hobbled through my day and today I feel alive. Really exercise makes you feel better. Trying to coax my mum and my bro's gf to go with me to jazzercise (a fun exercise which blends jazz and aerobics).

I feel all healthy and born again today though... HOORAH! I am able to now look at the Jack and Jill Salsa chips in its glossy red packet with the words 15% extra and just ignore it. I can now look at the yuumy liquer filled chocolates that are piled on the right side of my fridge and not bat an eyelash. We'll have to see how this lasts though! Hehehe... wish me luck *grin*

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But really you guys...

Try at the Park! Try to just relax, have a stroll, a picnic... maybe feed the tortoises and fish or have a fun time trying to count how many animals you can see while you are there.

I counted 8 different types of animals/insects (monkeys, tortoises, fishes, birds, butterflies, ants, unidentifiable insect, a dragonfly). Its like a short escape away from the hussle and bussle of work and class. The laugh of children so carefree and happy and the fresh air will do you some good. - Sounds like I am reviewing the park! --- *grin*


s4ints said...

I've been to the park quite a number of times.. Tried to jog too but always end up walking.. ahaha.. Sometimes you can see cyclist zooming past.. How I envy them.. How fit they are and how fit I USED to be.. ahaha..

Hey been to the bookstore lately? I just bought The Mermaids Chair.. Seems to have pretty good rating in the NYTimes.. Currently reading "I Know This Much Is True".. can hardly seem to finish it since I've been constantly going out.. Gotta get my ass to the cafe one of this week and not go anywhere or talk to anyone.. hehe..

Still have a couple books I want to get.. but don't know if they're good or not.. So far I've been lucky..

Anyway hope you doing good.. Gimme a ring one of these days if you want to go book hunting and to catch up a little.. hehe..

* Dream Weaver * said...

Hewos yous...
Yous atleast can say that you were fit whereas I was never fit... =P

I have been to the rent-a-book-store. Just got some chick lit because I just want something calming and nothing too thought provoking - my thoughts are already taken up with the idiot assignments.

Just finished "The Undomestic Goddess" by Sophie Kinsella (the author for the shopaholic series)- its a super chic lit book, but was a pretty read. Reading "Three Weeks With My Brother" by Nicholas Sparks. Its a memoir about his life and its pretty good so far.

Had my eye on "The Mermaids Chair" but saw the price in Kinokuniya and freaked. Boleh I pinjam when you are done? =)

Yea... will call soon... Its time for a catch up!

Hendrik said...

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