Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Ramblings of an Old Froggie..

As I sit here sipping my steaming hot Earl Grey tea, I can't help but feel old. Everyone else is asleep and I can't cos my lungs and throat hurt like no ones business and I know that when I do eventually get to bed, I will still be coughing and sounding ever like a frog. It seems as if I cannot talk properly and everyone I talk to laugh when they hear me, some say its sexy (though I know its for solely my self-esteem that they say this things so that I don't dwell in this murky little hole of depression) though Possum breaks out in laughter everytime I speak to him and my folks ask me to repeat myself like 20 times before they know what I am trying to say.. Gosh! At this rate I will really lose my voice... (Hey stop cheeringlah!)

I have been feeling really lethargic and I just want to do so many things as this is the holidays that I have been looking forward to since June and now that its here, I am not enjoying it at all. Possum says that today (later today) we will do something fun, but I feel too tired to do anything like shop or bowl or whatever... arghh!!! I just want to get better and go on a holiday.. but everyone is working or studying or busy with their own stuff... (oh well) Maybe I will go somewhere myself (YEAH, as if that could ever happen *sniff*)

I guess today I did something worth while - I cleaned out some of my drawers but I couldn't do much cos all the stuff overwhelmed me and I just had to sit and sort thru all the things. I found so many letters and cards and posties from my friends and I guess I felt bad for not replying them all. Hmmm.. mental note to oneself to do that during the holidays. I might have a letter writing day.. yeah, that would be fun! GAWD! see what I mean by being an old froggie? Being all excited about a letter writing day.. gosh! YUMMMM... the tea is delicious without those nasty sugars and the creamy milk. So hot sliding down me throat... yumm.. hope it clears up my throat...

Hmmm.. more ramblings.. watched a movie at home today called "White Chicks", and it was hell funny. I almost cried watching that show - I guess I hadn't seen anything interesting in awhile,(dont' want "Godsend" - its a real bad show) plus I haven't been doing anything cooped up in the house alone!!! Oh gawd, forgot to return my idiotic critical thinking text book to the library... (mental note 2, go to college to drop of book and pay $1 to the lady for forgetting to return the damn nasty book!!! Honest that book sucks and I hope that I never have to use it again!)

Ah, well... thats done, the tea has grown cold and my eyes are beginning to fall ever so slowly.. Aights, so that means I will be ending these ramblings of an old froggie now and hopefully my throat and lungs will be better tomorrow and my next entry will be more upbeat and less frogish! *smile* Possum says I sound cute, so if anyone want to hear the cute voice call me for this once in a life time chance.. nights!

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