Tuesday, June 28, 2005

One down... Two 2 go (Gah!)

Today was a very laid back sort of day...
Woke up from a horried nightmare and was so like super freaked out that I hastened to escape to my world of books... currently reading this soppy-romantic-chiclit book titled "Wedding Day". And after a spot of reading, that freaky feeling dissapeared - phew!
After a long while I decided to get out of bed and took a "princess shower" and felt so much better - there is nothing that cures a bad day and to take pains and worries away (albeit temporarily) than a "princess shower". I padded downstairs then and attempted to make something to eat but decided that I couldn't really be bothered and popped some frozen food in the trusty little red oven and flicked on the computer.
Decided to check my stupid USQ page to see if my results were out and well what do you know, thre was one papers result - 'Writing for PR' - waiting for me and ladies and gents... HOORAH!!! I got a distinction!!! Hoorah!!! - does the wiggles around the room.
Now I have 2 results to wait for and so far my 2 course mates have failed one other paper 'PR Practices and Techniques' (sighs) and I am just feeling all like twisted inside cos I know I didn't do well for one of the assignments (nearly failed it!) . So here I wait... nervously flicking on the PC every other hour to check. Nothing yet in my inbox or on the website. One part of me can't wait for tomorrow to check it again but there is this part that dreads it.
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Ladies and gents,
I have not resat for a subject or needed to retake any exams in my life and do not intend to ever do that. I guess D's and F's are not in my vocab anymore and a C is like "so horrid" as lately I have expected only A's and B's. Am not a braggard but just feel let down when this happens. I feel that IF I had only spent more time studying instead of watching my numerous movies and reading my books I would have gotten that A. Its not easy juggling a part time job and classes but it seemed okay though I had a near breakdown last sem (thank God its over though if you are super stressed don't you lose weight and not gain it? - Bugger my hormones and metabolism and the like!)
I dont' know what to expect now. My parents have told me numerous times now (after seeing me super stressed and going mental) that it is okay if I space out my subjects and that it is okay if I don't get an A or B. But I can't afford to waste another year on doing jack shite... and I hate not doing well because I know that I can do well. Perhaps I have to give up work... but I have grown to love it and the benefits that comes along with it is pretty addictive too. Balance and good time management is what I need and a whole load of discipline!
Ahh well, there isn't anything that I can do at the moment is there? So off I will go now to play ZUMA or download TUMBLEBUGS - my latest craze - again for the tenth time (you only get an hour of 'free' playing time). I should of course be cleaning my room and my book case and entire room really... but Nah... I think I will go read a book and wait for night time when I go for dinner at Dome and then off to see the premier of 'War of the Worlds'. Hope its good... ;) Ta!!!
* p.s: Could you please like pray that I pass or get decent grades please??? Thanks a bunch!

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