Wednesday, June 01, 2005

"Aussie Days"

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Much has changed since those
"Aussie Days"
as I fondly put it...
I sometimes wake up and long for a nice piping hot meat pie, refreshing orange and passion fruit juice and raspberry and apple flavoured drinks, delicious flaky apple turnover, and delicious chicken and corn rolls and of course the corn thins and cinnamon doughnuts from Woolies, and my host dads cabonara and host mums Jackies chicken (my Aussie mates would think me silly for missing these things... but if they didn't have them for 5 years they would understand how I feel!)

As Neeky says " could say....this is what reminds me of temora....alcohol...good friends...and a pole"... I will add and say, nights at the Westie, JD in a can, Bundeburg Rum and sheep sheds... *grin* Can't wait to return and not only eat the awesome food they have over there but to see my lovely mates over there. Neeky, Liz, Mark, Kylie, Sah, Dane and all my other friends... (if they are still around and if they remember me!)
So please remember to donate to the
and put a smile on her poor sad face.
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Fav Qoute from Aussie:
(In memory of farwell speech in Temora)
"Do you like cats?"
"I like cats... they taste like chicken!!!"
Donations and Pledges are most welcome!
Thanks yous...


PegGy said...

and to start the ball rolling. i commit the 1st 10 bucks!

plus another guaranteed sunflower when u get home.

BiG HugSsSsss

HabitualDamnation said...

RM100 from me if you're serious. funds not transferable for other purposes.

Gavin said...

yea if you're serious i'd sacrifice AUD$50 to your cause! but you've to promise to come to Melbourne for a visit too.

* Dream Weaver * said...

Gav: I will be spending most of my time there in Melb, so I would be seeing you :)

And everyone else, thanks for the contributions and hope. *Hugsss*

PegGy said...

actually joe. it's beginning to look really possible. 100 bucks from me too!

let's keep the ball rolling....

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