Tuesday, June 14, 2011

World's Collide

Back when we were young
We ran into the sun
It's like we fell apart
Yes you stole my heart.
I searched these wasted years
To wipe away the tears
As my heart began to crack.
We can't go back.
I can hardly speak
When you're in front of me.
I can't breathe.
Two paths that would not cross
You left me feeling lost
But I love you just the same
Let the magic rain.
With a blanket made of stars
To wrap the both of us
As we fell into the light
Our worlds collide.
Yes that's the way that our worlds collide.
Here I am and here I stand
Our worlds collide.
And I would wait for you
And I'd wait forever too.
You're in, you're in my heart
It's true.


Song from the 2011 movie "Waiting For Forever"
Written by Damian Katkhuda
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Will Worsley at Trouble Studios
Additional Vocals by Ange Boxall

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