Saturday, June 25, 2011

master of ceremonies

Today is my brother's wedding here in Malaysia.
There will be a Chinese tea ceremony in the morning 
followed by a sit-down Chinese dinner in the evening.
I will be the master of ceremonies for the dinner and 
have yet to develop the speech. I had initially planned
to quickly scramble some words together during work
this past week, but works been mental and I still have 
another article for Home & Decor to submit!!!
So, here I am... trying to find the words to aptly capture
what my heart feels for my brother and my new sister-in-law.
{I am such a procrastinator - I get so pissed with myself sometimes}
My dad being my dad, doesn't want to give a speech which
is quite sad. I would like him to atleast say a few words to
thank the guests for coming and saying all these nice flowery
things about me {I hope there are nice flowery things to say}.
Perhaps he will have a change of heart then.
Anyways, have a good weekend. Belle is at doggy boarding 
{she looked so adorable today, prancing around like a little pony}.
 I have heaps of posts that I want to create and so many ideas in my little mind. So do drop by to visit next week... or maybe the next next week *snickers*

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ann @ wedding favors said...

Best Wishes to your brother! Wedding is one of the events that I love to attend, seeing smiling and teary eyed couples, sweet.. Wish them to spend beautiful moments with each other forever.

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