Thursday, March 10, 2011

early to work

Am at work early today since B had to go to Ipoh for a meeting.
So it was a solitary breakfast for me - two triangled sandwiches: crabstick mayo coleslaw  and cheese & tomato and a mug of steaming hot coffee  - while interweb surfing and planning out my day which is looking to be quite busy indeed.

B has also left his phone at home, so I even if I text him or email him, I won't get any reponses till wayyy later, so that kinda sucks but hopefully he will come back soon and I will be so engrossed with work that I would not have time to type out long emails to him.

Anyways, an update about what I have been doing is so needed and I think I was supposed to write about the different Projects that I am/will be undertaking. So, watch out for this post and some updates.... soon...ish  *snickers*

Write more when I can. Hope you all have a good Thursday and an awesome Friday cos it's the weekend after that *woot woot woot* 

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