Friday, August 17, 2007

Why we are great together :)

After dinner, Sunshine accompanied me to Craft Haven as I wanted to buy some stuff (btw, Craft Haven is on sale till 2 September). While I was looking Sunshine said the most amusing thing. Our conversation went something like this:

*Dream Weaver*: Wah Da… See so many nice things Da *drools and a new shipment of epoxy stickers*
Sunshine: Yea…
*Dream Weaver*: See Da. They have so nice metal embellishments. Wah… got 30% some more *hyperventilates with joy*
Sunshine: Ok… You know what, I think next Saturday we will go to Shah Alam and Sunway and I can go and show you all the car accessory shops. Just think of all the hubcaps, ribs and tires you can find there. We go ok? It will be so fun. Then we can also stop by the go-kart track for a quick spin.

*I start laughing a nervous and some what amused kind of laughter *

*Dream Weaver*: Da, you are so funnylah…

*I am totally distracted by new chipboard alphabets and pretends that the short conversation involving car accessories did not happen ~ ignorance in times of sarcasm is bliss*

Sunshine continues to browse around the shop and all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye; I see that he is at the front of the shop near the counter. I felt a little suspicious but was too engrossed with the metal embellishments to ask him what he was doing.

As I walked into the shop I noticed a rows of stickers *shivers* and there it was two packs of EEYORE stickers. They were 3D and screaming out to be bought. But the prices were alarming! Then I noticed a 40% label stuck to them and I realized that even with the discount I would have to spend about RM20 something.
As I was deliberating and weighing the pros can cons out aloud to Sunshine who popped up besid me again…

Sunshine: Do you hear something?
*Dream Weaver*: Yea Da… The Eeyores are asking me to take them home but I don’t know how to tell them that I can’t.
Sunshine: You don’t have to worry cos you have this…
And he suddenly pulled the one of the Eeyore stickers out of a bag he was carrying.

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Needless to say I was crazily happy and was rambling on like a mad women, thanking him profusely. After buying some embellishments and paper, we left the shop and I decided to ogle the Eeyore sticker again *Yes, I am crazy like that* and it was then that I noticed a slight imperfection to the sticker. I was afraid the owner would think me ‘super anal’ *which in a way I am in some ways*, so Sunshine went to change the sticker while I waited several shops away.

Sunshine took awhile coming back and I was worried that the owner was giving him a hard time and I was on my way to see what was taking to long when Sunshine walked out.

*Dream Weaver*: Why so long?
Sunshine: Well something was calling me and I had to stop.
*Dream Weaver*: HUH?
*slightly dazed and blur*
Sunshine: Well this was calling me…

And Sunshine proceeded to surprise me yet again with the other Eeyore sticker.
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*starts jumping around and attracts strange stares from other shoppers*


Another new addition to my Eeyore collection.
Thanks Da...
for your wonderful surprises.

Its no wonder we get along so well...
You can hear the Eeyores too.

*grin grin*

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