Saturday, August 04, 2007

I was on leave.....

I was on leave last Thursday and Friday.

*hoorah hoorah*

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I spent almost eight hours in 1Utama on Thursday. What was supposed to be a quiet afternoon reading and indulging in perhaps tea, cake and Marian Keyes’ book Further Under The Duvet, was spent with TheSexyDave just walking around1U, trying out Carl’s Juniors Portobello Mushroom burger (Quite expensive) and talking. This was then followed by a movie – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (I hate it when they change the story and leave out entire bits) with Sunshine.

Friday saw me meeting up with Shawn at The Curve. We had a late lunch/tea at The Apartment (the food was pretty okay) which was followed by a movie (The Simpsons – enjoyable and brainless), doughnuts and coffee at Big Apple (This meal was inspired by Homer Simpson) and ending off with a delicious Sangria at Laundry. Then I had a nice chat with Sunshine at home to end a what was supposed to be dull day.

I am on leave today as well *hoorah hoorah* and I managed to go to the scrapbooking shop in BSC as planned and it was GREAT!!! For the first time I got to use the Sizzix machine and all the fancy craft punches that I have been eyeing but am unable to purchase (any offers by some kind souls out there?)

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It was amazing just sitting there at the table with the cutting mat and my scrapbooking materials surrounded by all the wonderful scrapbooking stuff. For awhile I even pretended that it was all mine *sheepish* I ended up spending two and a half hours there and did not have enough time to browse the goods in the shop which is a good thing really. I plan to expand my scrapbooking tools soon (any offers by some kind souls out there?)

Then I had tea with Dira and I am envious of her as she I getting my dream car, the Mini ~ grumples! Oh well… maybe one day I will have a Mini of my own… Anyways, after tea, I got home and got sorted out some of my scrapbooking stuff and then had a relaxing shower(Having a hot shower is always super therapeutic). Sunshine came to teman me while the ‘hypocrites’ came to my house ~ grumbles! Then I went to Centrepoint with Sum Ye and Yin Yin. Its been awhile since I saw the both of them so it was good to catch up on things. And then it was home for me and back to my blog which I should update more often… *smiles smiles*

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I wonder what Monday and tomorrow has in store for me……

Lovely surprises and happy moments I hope.

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Mescrap said...

Wow !
I like scrapbooking too..
Is there charges for using the tools ?

*Dream Weaver* said...

A fellow scrapbooker :)
Yes. There are charges. Its RM10 per hour. My advice, if you plan to go there, don't design your scrapbook page there. You can do it at home.

Where you from btw?

Mescrap said...

Hi, I'm from Kajang.

I'll plan my day to pay a visit!

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