Saturday, October 21, 2006

Gymming Jo!!!

I used to say that I would NEVER join a gym…
well I guess I should eat my words…
because I joined a gym!!!


Let me explain. A guy came up to me and my colleague Deb and asked if we wanted to buy this promo gym membership for RM25. we could use the facilities of Fitness First for a month and had some other freebies thrown in. I don’t know why I bought the one month membership for Sun and I.

Perhaps I decided that maybe it was high time I did something about said escalating weight, perhaps I felt guilty for eating a chocolate Cornetto drumstick or maybe I just felt the urge to spend some money… or maybe it was a moment of temporary insanity...
so anyways, I kept this membership for awhile though I finally used it.

And... honestly, it was interesting to go to the gym and join the classes with other gym veterans. - FYI: Once upon a time I did join a gym (if you can call it that) in Uptown called ‘Body Beautiful’ but I didn’t go much and then eventually one day, it closed down - I nearly tripped and fell several times (no surprise there!) and was lost during some of their routines and I KNOW I looked silly doing some of the moves as my unflexible bulk tried twisting and turning in some kind of strange jumping pretzel = STRESS!!!

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I honestly had fun doing Body Combat and Body Balancing and though my body ached for awhile, I felt great! Its strange but I never thought I would go to a gym much less buy one of those lycra type pants… but I did.

I bought a pair of lycra pants
and I went to gym on a Sunday afternoon
or almost 3 hours of working out!

What is wrong with me???

My parents are supportive of this endeavor though of course they are as I bet they don’t want to see their only daughter deteriorate into a super fat slob!!!

So there you have it.
I am now a gym person.
(or will be for about a months time)

~ Many thanks to Annie and BryBry for the support and
making my time there less painful embarrassing and more fun.

* I am even considering joining it full time.
Though there are a lot of * terms and conditions attached to this sentence.
*grin grin*


Chili Padi Porky Queen said...

welcome again to FF gal. Hahaha and glad that you are enjoying every bit of it

Bry™ said...


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