Monday, July 03, 2006

The Waiting Game Explained

"It's a magical world, Hobbes, ol' buddy ... Let's go exploring!"

- Calvin, in It's a Magical World by Bill Watterson

Yes it is a magical world out there and oh boy, do I wish I could go explorings too!!! But alas I am here in my lovely cubicle –seriously, I love my cubicle, it is so “me”, plus its quite big too. Am hoping I don’t need to give it up to anyone new when/if they arrive!- during lunches times blogging away since I don’t know what else to do. I managed to eat another quick home brought lunch ~ thanks you ma ~ and am not free for about 32 minutes.

The workload here at the moment is seriously freaky. I am panicking now whilst I write and a normal sensible sane person would begin work right after eating lunch but I figure that I need some time to just chill out for a bit and have some “alone” time with myself in my lovely cubicle - or maybe its because there is just no one to talk to and I am in denial of my work and am wishing fervently that it will take care of itself. Or perhaps I just want an excuse to blog.

Well anyways, lalala… its Merry Monday the start of a new week! *hoorah hoorah* (Much false enthusiasm was mustered for this!) After this week, I don’t think things will get any quieter or easier, but perhaps it will be more manageable ~ crossing fingers and am wishing on stars. On an upside to Merry Monday, I had an interesting and conversation with a friend on MSN early this morning and it was very enlightening to delve into the mind of another with regards to what they thought/think of you. Then there is also an additional allowance my office gave me for going to Singapore for work a month or so ago. *hoorah hoorah* So didn’t feel like work really but its nice to know that I even got some cash out of it *hoorah hoorah*

Anyways, an old friend of mine whom I met during my student exchange days in Australia, Philip, emailed me and asked me what “The Waiting Game” (refer to June 28, 2006's post)meant. Well it’s really very simple. Here goes…
1. Someone says they will call.
The waiting game begins when you for the call.
2. Someone says they are going to go out with you tonight.
The waiting game begins when you wait for the person to come and pick you up.
3. Someone sends you an email/sms/msg through MSN and you reply.
The waiting game begins for the reply from that person.
4. You sent in your proposals and work for approval.
The waiting game begins for the approval to reach you.

See the waiting game can be applied to almost every area in your life, in every circumstance and for almost every situation. I guess I just don’t like the idea of anxiously waiting. I don’t chew my nails though I sometimes nervously shuffle my feet (yes I do that sometimes BryBry), doodle, talk to myself or just pretend that I am not waiting (which is really just stupid ‘cos I know I am waiting). Sometimes it’s the pressure of getting the approvals, the excitement and anticipation of getting some news or answer you have been waiting for… yuppers… that’s the waiting game. Just waiting…a game I play all the time unwillingly I might add. Anyways, have I answered your question Philip? ~ I do hope so and I do hope you are feeling better. Lots of rest and water will help. Or maybe some *huggsssss* (virtual ones till November)

Anyways, I have written enough for a Merry Monday and I guess I will potter around the internet a bit and then go and continue writing boring fact sheets, press releases and the lot… and of course archiving photos and slides – boohoohoo! (HUGSSS needed here!) Well toodles folks and have a very very wonderful week ahead. Please pray for me that I survive this week and the weeks to come and that I lose some weight and I lose the ache too ~ Gawd I am such a whiner it’s so sad… but lalala…

Such is life… to whine, to laugh, to cry, to love, to explore, to hope and to dream… well that’s what I think anyways *smiles*

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oldtownboys said...

Your site is on top of my favourites - Great work I like it.

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