Monday, July 10, 2006

Love Perhaps...

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The moon was full that night though obscured by clouds that treated to burst.
The air was humid though there was a whisper of a breeze so soft you could hardly feel it.

She looked at him.
He looked at her.

She said in a jokish manner so as to appear nonchalant
“So do you love me? Have you ever loved me?”…

She waited hardly daring to breathe.

The seconds ticked by and the minute hands dragged on..
And finally he said, “I did and I still do… Do you?”

And she breathed out her hopes and wishes
which were heard high above in the Heavens.

She then said…
Love perhaps is not enough for now,
but then again love perhaps could one day bring us together.”

The sky cleared a little and the stars shone…
or were they just the tears unshed glimmering in her eyes
as she walked away not looking back afraid to say more…

He just stared after her and let her go…

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