Wednesday, January 04, 2006

All In A Days Work!

I woke up today to bright sunshine, not the type that blinds your eyes but the type that makes everything seem nice and rosy. It seemed like the perfect day and well it sort of was. I got out of my house to see Mrs Blossom (my neighbour) crossing the road to have a peak at the Bomba people who were repainting and cleaning the water hydrant. There was also this Chinese dude in a white proton who was asking for directions... everything seemed so pleasant.
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I continued walking to the mainroad to get a cabbie to go to 1Utama and the Chinese dude in the white proton stopped some way from me and asked me directions. Wary of a would-be-could-be flasher, I stood some way aways. He showed me the address and explained his problem and then some other oldish Indian dude came along with his umbrella to see what the matter was. After I loaned the Chinese dude my hp and he got the person to tell him where exactly he was supposed to go, I continued on to the main road.
Met the oldish Indian guy along the way too and he asked me if I was going to work and the conversation continued from there. He is apparently working at the McD's call centre, how interesting I thought. It all seemed like some wonderful decent neighbourhood from some movie where everyone cared for each other and really bothered about their well-being and blah blah blah of course until someone mugs you, flashes you or snatches your bag - touch wood!!!

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While we were talking at the side of the main road, a couple of cabs passed me by and by the time the oldish Indian guy went off to work, there were no cabs in sight. I saw the bus 99 around and so decided to take the bus to 1Utama instead. After sweating alittle I reached Delicious and remembered that G and I was supposed to be there, but he was already in the states (Humbug! - though I did talk to him online twice already) so yeah, carry on I guess. I met Ariel there and I decided to treat myself with duck confit pasta. The meal plus ice water cost me RM25!!! Gawd! and it didn't taste quite as good as I remembered. Whilest we were still yakking, Dave joined us and we adjourned to the bowling alley where I played 2 appalling lousy games *tsk tsk* I need more practice but my bowling partners now here *sniff* I should stop mentioning and thinking about G and all the fun stuff we did.

After bowling, Dave and I watched "Cheaper By The Dozen 2" a feel good family movie/comedy which Dave insisted he was watching because I wanted too... *bleh bleh* After the movie, Dave went to his own thingy and I met the Possum and we walked around a bit and shared some delicious PeriChips and it was off home for me. We got into an arguement (big surprise there!) and he hasn't called since. Really dont' know what to do about that, but atleast I am trying which is more than I can say for some people. At home I just lost my mood thanks to him so my folks were pissy at me *bleh bleh* and it didn't help that I wanted to go out later that night with my girlfriends. I know they nag for a reason and that they care but I need my "own time" and don't need this from them at the moment.

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Anyways, Marina picked me up and we went to Secret Recipe and later Miss Lum joined us and we went to McDs. To sum up the whole night, it was a BLAST!!! One of the best nights I have had in awhile and definately this year *grin grin* We had so many laughs we were gasping for air at times and tearing here and there. I learnt though a very important piece of info from Miss Lum perhaps one of the 50 things I need to know in my lifetime -
"Paris Hiltons nipples are this big (indicates with finger about 2.5cm) and pointy. Its like damn huge!!!" - GASP!
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We were all traumatised and laughed super hysterically by that bit of news and I think we managed to scare the other patrons away *hehehe* On the way home, the three of us were in high spirits on the way and were still giggling outside my house. Really a night to remember. I wish I had a camera with me *smiles smiles* - Seriously you 2 if you are reading this, thanks for tonight. It was WOW!!! And YES... perhaps we should Shock Shake and Stir the others -
Not in THAT WAY though, thank you!!!
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I also met a guy called T and I have meeting him consistantly for about a month and two days in a row already and today when we (the girls and I) walked past he goes "We keep seeing each other, maybe its a sign for us to go out together." I can't remember what I did but I was amused! Miss Lum was like "Is that a pick up line!" LO LO LO - Ser!!! but then again he is quite hot... and I am just being mean *hehehe*

Anyways, its been a long day with so many pleasant and happy moments yet somewhere in my mind there is this dark cloud lingering and I am not sure how long it will be hovering around. I pray that it will go away or atleast be settled.

~* Perhaps a beautiful rainbow will follow suit... *~

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Pinkity said...

damn sure we will have more of those crazy moments... Just wish Rina will be back more often.. Don't Cha?

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