Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Sobbing & Screaming Inside

I AM Sobbing & Screaming Inside.. I want to take out a gun and shoot myself (that is if I had one, or perhaps the good ole trusty blade will do). So what has left me in this sorry state? Well today is mid term presentation day for my television class.. and as always there are problems with the workload and etc.

I am sitting here in the computer lab wondering why eventhough I have been through 16 years of education I still never learn that you should never leave things till last minute.. yes last minute work the bane of everyones existence and the downfall of many a good sane student!!! I am supposed to feel remorseful even guilty that I have neglected like 30% of my marks, but strangely enough, I don't give a rats arse.

Perhaps I am too tired of correcting english and being called 'nerd' and kiasu (there was a mix up with my grades making me NOT the top scorer for General Psych class) and everything.. so I am being strangely calm, whilst still sobbing and screaming inside at my own
procrastination problems and the fact that my blood pressure is abnormally high at the moment. I keep telling myself that 'Patience is a virtue' but the effect of that mantra is wearing off. Had to warn my friends to back away slowly when they came to see the 'progress' I had made.

Oh well, mental health has never been my strong point. So yeah, here I am, writing this in my Little Piece of Heaven hoping against hope that I will feel better after all this writing and whining.

Some good news of the day, to redeem myself from getting 2nd place when actually goteen 1st in class, I got an indecent grade of 20/20 for my Psych essay assignment which led my fellow classmates to label me with 'Super Nerd'. *Sigh* I guess I fit that description anyways.

Possum has been exteremely nice to me these days. Had a good lunch today and wonderful yummy desert followed. But now that I am back again at college, I long for the Riberry to come and whizz me back home, or to Possums place, or to somewhere far away from college, the piling assignments and fellow procrastinating friends.

Hope you all are having a wonderful day anyways..

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Panda-wan said...

aye... quite whinning and get back to work eh. super nerd eh? hahahha.. its always good to be the nerd, especially during exma periods. you suddenly get an influx of frens that u didnt know frm your classes. cool shite.. hahaha.. take care and good luck eh. ta..

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