Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy 1 Year Anniversary B

Today is my first year anniversary with B and we are
are celebrating on the sunny island of Krabi *smiles*
Anyways, its amazing to think that we have been married
for a year now. At times our relationship feels so new and
at other times it feels as if we have been married for ages
and ages. We have been through so many things in this short
year. We have had many losses, we had our share of 
disagreements and days when we just want to be alone
with out thoughts but at the same time, there has been so
much joy, new memories created, new experiences 
shared and a whole lot of love and respect for each
other. We have grown as a couple and as friends.

So Happy 1st Year Anniversary B. 
May there be many many more anniversaries to
come. Love & heart you many many much much.

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