Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kinfolk - An Ode to Ice Cream

Seen here

I have seen Kinfolk magazine on several blogs and it
has been lauded as an inspiring magazine with gorgeous
photos. Having never laid eyes on it in Malaysia, I was
pleasantly surprised to see it on a Malaysian website and
immediately {ok, after a few minutes of deliberating}
decided to just buy a copy of Kinfolk Magazine vol.7
which is an Ode to Ice Cream.
Who am I kidding, with a theme like that, I was a goner!

The website for Kinfolk say that this issue is "..a celebration
of the spring season, focusing on those shared loves that
brings us together: the enjoyment of food, friends, family,
and time spent in community whether around the table
or out-of-doors."  I can't wait to get my copy which
will hopefully be soon-ish *smiles smiles*

And I suddenly have the urge of ice cream *noms*
*huhuhuhu* Have a good day ahead folks.


Anonymous said...

may I know where can I get a copy of Kinfolk magazine in Malaysia? i search many places but can't find it.

*Dream Weaver* said...

Hi. You can get Kinfolk from Bookalicious! in Summit, Subang Jaya. But best you get in touch with them via FB first at

If you are into Frankie magazine, you can get it from Kinokuniya.

tell them you found out through my blog :)

Arlene Damot said...

been looking for this magazine also. thanks for the info

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