Monday, March 25, 2013

I am grateful

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Today's an awesome day.
It's been a simple day filled with so
many things to be grateful for.

I had an easy day at work today with no moaning
clients or bosses but instead had good and fun chats with
several of my colleagues. The food today was also delicious
especially the lovely dark chocolate covered biscuits and
lemon almond biscuits that I bought from Ben's Independent
Grocer. Then there was the decent-ish traffic on the way home,
a free ride from my dad, a photobook I compiled arrived in the
mail, the chance for me to see my brother before he
leaves for his trip overseas, a glimpse and a little pet for a cute
hamster, time spent playing with my doggy Belle, a lovely dinner
with my parents and B and then coming home to my lovely
small, cluttered house that smells so lovely and finding out that
the books I have been waiting for {and wanting} have arrived.
Oh the sweet joy of having a simple awesome day.

Thank you God for so many blessings.

P.S: Sorry for the lack of posts and the cobwebs that
have gathered in this Little Piece of Heaven.
More updates soon, I promise *smiles* 

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