Monday, November 05, 2012

Monday morning - 5.11.12

I started my morning well enough really.
Had a delicious breakfast of a firecracker sausage wrapped in pastry and I am having a good hair day.
Was also able to see B and have several of his awesome hugs.
And then I get into my office and fire up the laptop and find an email from my client basically telling me I did a shoddy job @ a job she assigned me to. A job that was not mine to begin with. A job I don't quite know about. A job that was last minute. A job that I tried my best to complete even though I didn't want to do it... and this is the thanks I get. A not quite polite email.
I am honestly trying to not let it get the better of me. After all it's just an email and the client is kind of hard to please but me being me has a hard time letting go of reprimands like this. They are just words. But I take them to heart unfortunately. Oh well...

I have told myself that I will not stay long here in this new place of work but at the same time I know that running away to another job is not quite the answer unless of course the job happens to be fabulously awesome. I am hopelessly confused about all this work business but I know I am not too happy here.
Not too happy that I don't have the chance to own the brand and do everything for it just like in my previous job. It's hard to explain how I feel if people don't get it... but that's just how I feel.

It was my hope not to rant too much but I feel better after having typed this out and ranted! *huhuhuhu*
The email has been archived into a folder and I am sure my boss will bring it up later today when he gets in but oh well... I can't turn back time and even if I did, I probably would have made the same mistakes again since I did try my best and was uber tired. Excuses? Perhaps. But I am not letting it get the better of me today and ruin a day that I should be rejoicing in simply because I am alive and I have people who love me and so many things to be grateful for. 

Hope your Monday starts of better than mine did and
that my Monday will only be heaps better moving forward.

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