Friday, November 16, 2012

a totally ramblish post

Today is Friday. I love Fridays for very obvious reasons such as the end of the work week *woot woot* and the start of the weekend *hoorahs* 

This week I will be going back to my parents place for Christmas Tree decorating. Since we now have a baby in the family {my newphew EE}, my dad has decided to get us a Christmas Tree. I have always wanted a Christmas Tree, a proper big one not the midget variety with the very fake branches and twigs {let's hope the one they got is a proper tree} *snickers*

A new shipment of items for Hearts & Crafts is slated to arrive soon, and I really should be taking photos of the existing products I sell so that people can actually buy online. Must motivate myself to take the photos. Also, there are tons of photos to edit, namely the Europe trip ones... about 4k photos! *egad*

I seem to be rambling today. Which is great. That means I am freer and my mind is freer and I am happier. I love this feeling but there is always this underlying feeling that something is brewing under everything about to blow up in my face. Ok... I am being a tad crazy here... probably due to my tummy being in knots and acting all crazy. Will cut out this negativity and enjoy this easy breezy feeling. 

Oh, I forgot to mention, the bosses and most of my colleagues are in Bali for the company which I am unfortunately not eligible to participate in due to the fact that I have not served my one year's servitude here. So being an obedient minion that I am, I am here in the office with proper office attire no less. But I am listening to music and enjoying the beats and stuff.

This is truly a meaningless post but in the years to come I read this post and think about this day when I wore my happy blue & white striped top with lacy collar and my black skinny jeans and turquoise slippers and I sang 'Hatin' on the club' by Rihanna and loving it {am feeling all Rihanna-ish at the moment}. Sweetness. Let's hope this happiness continues throughout the day and the weekend.

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