Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Olympus XZ-1

Last December I read about the Panasonic GX1 camera {read about the lusting here} and totally wanted to get it. When I got B to go with me to check out the cameras {two eyes are better than one}, I felt that the camera didn't quite fit well in my hand. Sure the features were pretty good and the body was somewhat pretty hot for a camera, but it wasn't the right fit for me... and the price was really a turn off. So in the end, I didn't get the Panasonic GX1. 

Months passed by and though I kinda searched half heartedly for a camera I didn't get one. The internet search ended as well. However, once my trip to Europe was confirmed, I began to look for another camera and after searching online, talking to friends and even trying it out at a store, I knew that I had found my camera. So ladies and gentlemen, even though this announcement is pretty late {I got the camera on April 10, 2012} I would like to introduce to you my new camera the Olympus XZ-1 *woot woot*

The Olympus XZ-1 is not a new model nor is it super swanky but it has a lot of potential and when I held it in my hands and snapped away, it was super awesome! So far the camera has not let me down and am hoping that it will perform awesomely when I travel to Europe. To read more about the Olympus XZ-1 and to have a product tour, click here.

Am so looking forward to more adventures with my new camera. As for my loyal Canon Ixus, it is now in the capable hands of my brother so that he can record more moment with Ethan {my new nephew}. The Canon Ixus was possibly one of the most expensive things I have ever bought but it never ever let me down. Twas a good camera. But it was time to move on. 
Happy Snapping everyone!

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