Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hearts & Crafts

I have been working hard these couple of days 
and finally a "One Day" of mine is coming true!
*woot woot smiles smiles*

Introducing Hearts & Crafts a site for me to sell
my handmade items and other pretty happy things!
I don't have a super business plan and I don't expect
to make thousands of bucks, but I am just happy that I
finally got around to doing this, starting my own crafts store
and selling my handmade items. I hope to list on Etsy soon
but like all things, baby steps is needed.
To vie my Hearts & Crafts album on FB, click here.

Tomorrow, I will be selling cake toppers, magnetic bookmarks,
fabric buttons and stationery at the FUYOH Art Bazaar 
at Publika shopping centre from 10am - 4pm.
Please feel free to come and visit me at booth 76! 
Kiraishi Shoppe has kindly allowed me to share her space
and to Joy for helping me with this awesome name.
I am pretty excited *snickers*

Stickers & mini memo letter sets for secret letter sharing

Magnetic bookmarks ensure you never lose a page again

Cake Toppers which can be used for wrapping and embellishing

Fabric Buttons

Will write more soon and in the meantime,
do drop by Hearts & Crafts and support my little hobby.
Thanks heaps in advance.

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