Saturday, September 23, 2006

Under The Chubbyhole!

So finally the weekend is here and I am sitting underneath this staircase (think shoe-cupboardish-Harry-Potter-like-chubbyhole) in Sunshine's house and actually wishing I had this little alcove in my home where I could hide away and just potter around doing my arts and crafts, reading or just writing. It would be just lovely...

There would be wooden booksheleves filled with my coffeetable books (my mum refuses to put any of my coffeebooks on the coffee table as she says that no one would actually bother to read em which actually is quite right - the people who frequent my home prefer to plonk down infront of the telly watching brainless crap all day!), my lovely but limited hardcovered books, my doggy-eared slightly old books from my childhood, the books (all pristine btw) that have kept me company from then till now, loads of craft and fashion magazines, my old comics and the new books with their unmistakable "new book" smells and of course the various text books that I have come to love (yes I am a slight freak).

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Of course there would be my lovely desk top, my various knick-knacks, soft but not too soft pillows, a throw rug or two on the floor, an awesome surround sound system, a uber comfy chair (which can be used for my sessions in front of the computer or for when I would like to just sit and read and enjoy a glass of iced tea. How could I forget also the table (where I will be doing my arts and crafts) and storage space to fit all my arts and crafts stuff (I have this book which shows you how to store your stuff more effectively).

Hmm... ok... looking back at said requirements, I guess all this stuff can't possibly fit under the shoe-cupboardish-Harry-Potter-like-chubbyhole. *Tsk Tsk* I guess I would need a bigger room (sponsors anyone?) ... Anyways moving along from thinking that all my stuff could fit under the chubbyhole thingy.........

In the morning, I woke up super early - I usually don't even wake up this early on normal days to go to work - and had to go to my companies designer to meet with a client (not my client) and to get some work done. Was helping out some other colleague of mine and was questioning my sanity in doing so. But everything went well and it's good to know that you helped several people out. A friend told me that you should try and do as much as you can for others in the hope that they would do the same in their lives. His logic is that if everyone were to help everyone else and not expect anything in return, the world would be a much better place to live in. Sounds like something I would have come up with, right? (talk about freaky to find someone who talks like me... but it's great to know that I am not alone anymore in my quest to save the world and make it a better place)

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So here I am at 11.38am typing away when I usually would be sound asleep under the comforters dreaming of happy things. Saturday stretches before me and once more I understand why people wakeup early on weekends. It seems that I could be jolly doing anything I wanted and still have time. In awhile I will going to do some scouting around for business opportunities and hopefully this little trip I will be taking will be fruitful. I expect to be drenched in sweat, but all of a good cause - more on this later! After that its off to Bangsar for a little session with the girls over cakes and coffee... yum yums...

This will be followed with perhaps a walk in the park, dinner and a marathon of "Prison Break" which I am currenly watching. I hope I don't fall asleep though. Hmmm... I don't even know why I am blogging on a Saturday but I glad I am. I will end this little entry with a wish that everyone have a wonderful weekend and may this weekend be filled with little pleasant surprises... the ones that make you smile and lightens the heart.

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I am off to see the world and to take one step closer to my "one days"...
Wish me luck...

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