Sunday, April 02, 2006



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Tomorrow my life will change.
I will be whisked off to a new phase in life.
A new chapter so to say.
One that I look forward too and at the same time dread.
I will become a suit.
I will have to fold my beloved jeans and tees away.
I will have no more chats during the day on MSN.
Goodbye MSN buddies... *miss you guys already
Work starts at nine and ends when you are done with your work.
No more sleeping at 5am and waking up at 2pm.
No more spontaneous trips to the mall or movies.
No more afternoon teas or DVD marathons.
No more funky huge white plastic PONY bags.
No more chunky sandals or flowered slippers.
No more lie ins in bed on mornings when it rains (my fav. weather).
No more scrapbook days, no more reading in bed.
Worse of all, no more writing for me.
No more bylines. I can't freelance anymore *sniff sniff*

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Yes my life (from 9-6pm) will be more conservative from tomorrow onwards. One part of me is welcoming this change with open arms and another is just crying, aching inside and feeling sorry for myself. Its strange to be torn up like this... loving the new challenge before me and yet hating it at the same time. My first day at work begins in nine hours and it will end only at 11pm as I have an event. My boss is putting me in the middle level, which means I have a lot of things to catch up on. I am happy that I am given this chance really, she will be my mentor and I get to do copywriting as well... but... there is always this part of me that is sad and whining... *smiles smiles*
That's life I guess ~ A melting pot of different feelings

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Anyways, its late. I should be getting to sleep... plus I am sick with the flu and super sore throat. Haven't packed my conservative black bag yet. I hope you guys will pray for me that this transition from child to grown up, from jeans to suits will be a great and wonderful one for me.

I miss you.
My heart will ache as I leaveyou behind.
I will take you along though in my heart.
For now that is the best that I can do.
I miss you...
but its time for me to grow up...

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