Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Weekend Is Over

The start of the weekend: My daddy is sick - poor child - though he is recovering fast. Its like everyone else can be sick except the people that I LOVE... I just feel super protective of them. My daddy has been watching telly for the past like 4 hours and eating my dark chocolate star wars M&Ms now... they are yummy... hehehee... =) I got a pleasant surprise just... am going to Genting in 3 hours... Hoorah!!!

The weekend has just passed us by... *shudder* Why does everything pass us by so quickly and when we want things to move slowly, it doesnt?Buggers!!!

Amber Court and Other Tales...
The Possum and I and his folks and relatives went to Genting over the weekend. It was... interesting and fun if you minus out the fact of stomach aches and gastric pains on my side and everyone else having 'cirit-birit' spells. There was one incident where I was in desperate need for a toilet and it was full and I was screaming for the Possum to get out. I nearly fainted in the loo toos... gawd... it was F'in pain. *sighs* But I am better now though.

The place where we stayed was just freaky and right out of a horror story. The fog was super thick that vision was about 10% in front of you and the road to Amber Court was very odd. The paths were winding and just narrow (I pretended that I was in Scotland - so much fog). The fog was so thick we couldn't really see on either side of us and in front of us. Anyways, we reached the place and was happy to be there in one piece. The whole building was like abandonned and there were hardly any cars. We stayed on the highest floor, the 23rd one and NO we did not have any encoutners of any sort. Wacthed a couple of movies and played ZUMA (Possums mum brought the laptop, bless her) and read alittle.

I did however see some purple drops of I dont' know what outside the aparments, in the toilet, in the foyer and the lifts a few hours before we left. Enquired about it and everyone was curious but didn't have any explanations for it. *shudder*

Went to the casino and managed to doubled my money in 40 minutes but for once in my life I didn't feel like gambling, so I left and had hot coffee with Possum in 'The Bakery' one of my fav bakeries. Then it was back home after dinner at Janda Baik. Sleep came early for me as I didn't get a good nights sleep the night before and thus my weekend ended... *sniff sniff* Its back to work work work...

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