Saturday, May 22, 2004

* Fleeting Moments *

* Fleeting Moments *

I believe that life is made out of many moments, moments of pure happiness and bliss, moments of joy and bubbly laughter and moments that fill your heart with such indescribable warmth. Then there are moments that make you sad, that make you want to weep; moments that hurt that tears your heart into ribbons it seems that at that very moment you can never be sewn back together again. Who can forget those moments that make you want to scream and shout and just reach out and rip something apart, or those moments that make you feel at peace with yourself and all those around you, those moments of immense serenity and solitude.

Of course there are also those moments of fear that make you want to wet your pants, moments of nervousness that make the butterflies fly uncontrollably in the pit of your belly and your heart thump like a marching band drum, or those moments of regret when you close your eyes and wish with all your might that things would change and your could turn back time. All these moments happen in our lives, but the sad part of it all is that, these moments are fleeting moments… moments that pass us all by.

So by writing in this new journal of mine, which I am letting the whole world read (God knows why I am actually doing this?) I am hoping to capture at least some of these moments of mine and by writing it all down, I want to share them with you.. For a joy shared is doubled and a sorrow shared is halved. So, I hope that all of you will have a wonderful time reading my journal which at times will be so utterly boring you would just skip parts of it, so long that you will also skip parts of it, so confusing that you will again skip and those short ones which you think are just nonsense and will skip it too. Oh well, thanks for at least trying to read it and if you have reached this far.. WOW! Thanks.. Please write your thoughts and your comments (constructive comments though) on what I have written.. Be as harsh as you like or be as pleasant as you like. I hope that with my writing, I may touch the lives of one at least one person.. Hopefully it is you! *Smiles*

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Pinkity said...

Hey Joe.. I know what you mean...
I dunno. Out of curiousity, created one too.. hahahah.. Hope I dunt get too lazy and forget bout it :p Take care Joe *hugz*

P/S: mine's ^-^

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