Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The sweetest thing in a while...

I am super happy!!! *gah* I feel like exploding.
Read my Facebook status today.
And I was super happy and 
I still am when I think about it.

So here goes... {an introduction before the story}. About two months ago, a new boy joined my organisation and we didn't really talk much because we were in different teams. To be honest, I still don't know how we became friends because it happened quite suddenly. WYT  tells me that we started talking when I asked him to get me a slurpee after lunch as he was going to sevlev {his version of 7-11}. I suppose that was when we had an actual conversation but I can't remember what it was about. 

Apparently the next time we spoke was when we went to the store to get snacks after a particularly long day at work and ever since then, he has been my sevlev / snack buddy. Through our many conversations, we realised we had many similarities and it was so easy to talk to him. Best of all, he had the ability to make me laugh and to ask me the right questions at the right time ~ very useful in a stressful office environment. He also has a knack of remembering things which is amazing for a boy *snickers* 
Anyways, back to the story at hand...

I have always loved 'The Lord of The Rings {LOTR}'. I have watched the trilogy several times and read the book cover to cover ages before the movie came out. I can't memorise lines and such, but I just love everything about LOTR. So when I heard the news that 'The Hobbit' was being filmed, I was so excited and now, in a couple of days, 'The Hobbit' will be screened in our local cinemas. OMG!!! I was so excited that I even blogged about the hobbits on NZ coins here. *smiles smiles*

So naturally I have been thinking about how to get my hands on the tickets for the preview/premier of 'The Hobbit' but no super idea came out other then lining up a day before to buy the tickets or going super early. Anyways, WYT knew that I was a fan and had wanted to watch the movie, so he firstly told me that his friend would be able to bring me into the media screening if I wanted but I told him I felt shy and I just left it at that. Then after lunch, he told me that he had got me a ticket to go under his blog name to watch 'The Hobbit'. He actually called the organiser and asked if it was okay if I went in his place.

When I heard that I was so happy. I nearly exploded.
Me going to see 'The Hobbit' a few days earlier than the other Malaysians? ZOMG! How awesome is that?!?! And then I felt so touched that he did that for  me. To be honest, many people have been nice to me and have done heaps for me but this is honestly one of the top few moments that I am overwhelmed 'cos really there was no need for him to help me but he did. And I am so glad.

So yes, I am going to watch "The Hobbit!"
Thank you heaps WYT. 
You have been a super awesome friend today.
I hope you know that. 
 Fluffy says "hello".

The fluffy caterpillars of the family Megalopygidae

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