Friday, October 19, 2012

Interior Ideas #12: Kid's Rooms

It's quite apparent {if you follow my blog long enough}, that I enjoy
interior design and I love colours. So, it is no surprise I am sure, to
see me trawling the interweb in search of pretty kids rooms.
I stumbled upon Design Dazzle and immediately saw some
interiors that I like. 

The first pic has all the colours that I am gravitating
towards these days. In fact, my arts and crafts room cum library 
cum study, is painted in a similar colour. I am also loving the pretty 
bunting in the first pic. The second pic is pretty and simple which is 
always good and the third pic is just a lovely, fun colourful combination.
As for the fourth pic, striped walls is something that I would like to
explore whilst the fifth pic is lovely, a little bit under the 
sea/nautical inspired, but its pretty, clean and comfy. The last two pics are 
Just so pretty with the last pic having lovely French windows.

Ahhh... kid's rooms. Gotta love them!
Happy Friday all ~ the weekend is almost here!!!
*grin grin smiles smiles* 

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