Thursday, October 18, 2012

Interior Ideas #11 - Shelf 'Em Up

Seen @ Simply Grove

I have always wanted to showcase Project Love Nest
and it's rather shameful to note that my home,
a.k.a 'The Love Nest' is in no fit condition for a photo
shoot or for parties. I have heaps of things that I have
yet to do for my home, namely unpacking,
cleaning, hanging, drilling, organising... the usual
things one needs to do when they move or setup a 
new place. The thing is that I have been constantly kept
busy and distracted by books, blogs, crafts, TV series
pinterest, Zuma and cups of coffee, shopping and the like.

Anyways, I have always obsessed over shelves.
I love thinking of the kind of shelves to buy, where to
place the shelves and most importantly, what to put 
on the shelves. Anyways, hope you liked the round-up
of shelves. More round-ups and shots of inspirations
to come. I have missed posting about them immensely. 

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