Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My drafts

I have heaps of
half baked
half knit
half crafted
half thought about
half inspired
drafts for my blog
sitting in my folder.

I long to take the drafts out to
examine them
finish them
embellish them with my thoughts
sprinkle them with magic
weave my feelings into them.

But the moment passes.
Time moves on
and I find myself still standing silently
gazing off into the middle distance
rooted in the same spot
while the world moves on around me.
I am waiting patiently for a sign
a monumental moment
hands outstretched to rescue me
and my eyes turn to You
and I am comforted
for I know that You love me
irregardless of everything.
And my heart is stilled.
And I exhale.
I breathe.

I open a new document and
my thoughts come tumbling out
and I begin another draft.

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