Thursday, October 09, 2008


The designs of the past cannot be undone,
nor can they be erased from ones memories.
Burned and engraved so deeply into the skin,
they remain a vital part of us for time to come.
But the designs of the present,
are constantly being created,
some with intricate care,
some with strokes so alarmingly disastrous
you crave to undo them once they are released from your grip…
and undo them you can.
For with each tick of the hands of time,
there is a chance to change,
to paint with different colours,
to sing a different tune,
to dance to a different rhythm,
to walk a different path.
Then at the end of the day
We will face the mirror of life,
naked, stripped away of it all,
with only the intricate patterns
of a life lived etched onto the skin.
and I hope that on that day
you will be beside me
still loving and accepting me even till the end.

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