Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Summer's Here!

Summer is finally here!!!
(for me its here anyways)

Ahhh… the beginning of summer and all the glorious movies.

Went to Singapore over the long weekend and had a pretty good time there. Had super yumyum food this trip down though Taco Bell disappointed me this time round. Went to a new scrapbooking store called Scrapbooking University (they actually give you certs after you graduate) and other scrapbooking shops and have a crazy time picking, looking browsing and choosing new scrapbooking stuffs. ~ Heaven!

Bought quite a lot of stuff *shuffles feet guiltily* from the scrapbooking shops and also a ton of yum chocolates and biscuits too *hoorah hoorah*. Managed to even get a really nice saucepan and set of stainless steel cutlery for my mom’s for a real bargain *OK… Auntie Alert! ~ hehehe* but all in all I had fun. Met up with my cousin Annette too and we had a really good bonding session *grins*

Went to Mission Impossible 3 yesterday night for the premier *thanks Ian… (feels just like the old days!) and had a good time stuffing my face with Famous Amos and popcorn in celebration of Summer (yes, just another excuse to stuff my face)! Also managed to get 2 new editions of BHG scrapbooking magazines from Kinokuniya and some other mags and a new book from TIMES. *hoorah hoorah*

So yes…
Summers Starting
And I am here at work…
Something is wrong with the equation here!
*BAH! But I am going to make the best of it and enjoy myself

Happy Summer everyone!
May you have time to watch all the summer blockbusters and finish reading your Summer book list. I hope I will *crosses finger and toes and wishes on a shooting Star!
Don’t forget the magical thingy tonight. May all your wishes, hopes, dreams and prayers come true.

*Hugsss… miss you guys.

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