Friday, October 29, 2004


I am sitting here in the office, packing to finally leave the office after a long day. I am listening to Vindicated and thinking about the long bus ride home which I am looking forward to. I am happy but I am missing something which I can't quite explain. I will write soon and as for you dearAngelus, cobwebs has grown here in this little piece of Heaven, but it takes a lot of cleaning up to get rid of all of them. Hope everything is well with everyone.


Brian said...

wahhhhh... i tot you forgotten how to take the bus alreadylah.. still so clever one meh? when ony you flee to kam hang out with your "real" flens huh?

Anonymous said...

Well my dear, the cobwebs aren't much to handle for a good vacuum cleaner! Rest assured Dreamweaver, it'll all clear away once you start writing again. Take care and see ya soon!


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