Sunday, November 06, 2011

Cakes, Cakes & More Cakes

I should be thinking about Project Happily Ever After
and I have been thinking about it to be honest. 
And since my 30th birthday {yes I am not a youth anymore}
falls in the day of my Chinese wedding, I still need to think
about what cake I should be getting. 
So yes, there will be two cakes...
my birthday cake & a wedding cake.

Some of the wedding cakes that I have seen are just
so pretty!!! *swoon* 

But after looking at these pretties, I thought about the
cost involved {as I tend to do these days} to make
these beautiful pieces of art and decided that
perhaps I should go with something classic and simple.
So here are some of the designs that I have shortlisted:

* Sorry but I have forgotten where these images are from*

I will probably be going for a two tier cake. Not too large.
Just nice. With some pretty flowers. Simple. Pink & White.
I have emailed a few people for a quote. Am hoping
for something reasonably cheap!! *hehehehe*
One can always hope.

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