Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rain and Belle

I don’t like the rain when I work or when I am far away from home or more like when I am far away from Belle these days. I worry about her and wonder if she is afraid and if she is crying or doing her little puppy dog sounds. So far she has been pretty tough not batting an eyelid when the thunder crashes or the rains pour. But perhaps it’s because we are with her that she doesn’t mind the noise or is not afraid… I don’t know.
It would be good though if I could go home now and just be with her. I think its more for my benefit then hers really.

I also keep replaying the scene in my mind when she bit onto my pants leg yesterday and how I tried to shake her off and how I accidentally swung her a little too hard and how her little body thumped against the kitchen cabinet door and how she was just stunned and then walked away with her head down. I called to her and she came to me and I tried to make amends with her and to soothe and her and say I was sorry and it seemed that she accepted but I still feel like shit when I think about what I did to her. I am hoping she doesn’t remember these things but remembers instead the fun times we have and the way we are together.

Life has truly changed with Belle in my life. I cant wait to go home and sometimes she annoys me so that I wish I could be some where else but then at the end of the day I always go back to Belle. I always want to see her and to have her near me. To have her little pink tongue licking my palms or my cheeks. To have her little paw in mine and to look into those big sad looking eyes. Gosh! I am gushing. *grin grin* But this is the effect she has on me and I think my mum loves her as much and so does Brian. My dad and brother are warming up to her but then it will take awhile for Belle to behave herself anyways.

So yea… amidst me packing up and doing my filing and organizing for my move up, my thoughts stray to Belle. Always to Belle now. I believe I am in love with lovely Belle.

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