Monday, March 22, 2010

This is what he wrote about me...

"There's also *DreamWeaver*. She is the Queen in her fairy and butterfly land. Also beautiful and intelligent. though you can't really tell from the looks, but her grades shows. she too is such a fragile lil girl. i've seen her go through a lot these past 3 years. she's the kind of person that is easy to get addicted to and easy to love. but love has never been easy to her. Sometimes, i wish i could just put some time aside from my own busy life and straighten all those tangles in her quest for finding her prince charming and help her on her way. she deserves it... maybe i should conduct an interview for all interested respondents and sorta choose the right guy for her. like american idol or something. sure damn fun one."
Circa May 2006

~ Almost four years ago. How times/things have changed ~

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