Saturday, April 18, 2009

Once I wanted to be the greatest and no one could stop me.
And then there was you...
You who could stop me with the bat of an eyelash, a wink, a grin, a toothy smile.
I lived in your light, in your arms,
I never thought I belonged there but you convinced me and I believed I was made for this. Made for your arms, your kiss, your embrace.

But here I stand, sorrowful,.
Without a friend or ally it is hard to make ones way into the world.
So sad that it makes my heart curdle like milk left out for too long.
Like cement unattended too in wheelbarrows by the side of the pavement.
How many times do I need to go through the wrong to get a right?
To get the right formula and equation to a life that is content and happy.

I miss you.
The end looks bleak and empty.
Far out of a grasp.

Once I wanted to be the greatest.
But I will settle for what I am now.
I dont quite have a choice.

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