Saturday, March 07, 2009

But you don't

I wanted to talk to you.
To unload my hearts contents,
To rid my mind from the worries,
my eyes from the tears and my soul from the sighs.

So, I called.
We spoke.
You ended the call so quickly
with a hurried goodbye.
The dial tone with its harsh sound
Then silence in my ear.

And then I thought that if you knew me better
You would have already known without the words being uttered,
You would have guessed it,
You would have asked about it,
Wheedled it out of me...
And then you would have comforted me and soothed my troubled heart.

But you didn't know.
And against my better judgment
And the echoes in my mind,
I wept.
I wish you had known.
But you don't.

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