Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My 26th Year

My 26th Year has been an enjoyable ride.
It has been an ~ Adventurous road trip;
A cruise; A roller coaster; A balloon ride;
A walk in the park; An up-hill hike; A downward tumble.

I enjoyed My 26th Year.
I find myself being blessed more abundantly as each year passes (thank you God!)
and for some uncanny reason, I think that My 27th Year
will be the year I truly make the transition from a girl into a woman.
To finally embrace ‘growing up’… Truly accepting this rite of passage for what it is;
The uncertainties of it all, the pains, the sacrifices, the exuberance of life,
the open road, the chances, the wonderful and the immense possibilities.
My 27th Year will be better, more wonderful, more blessed and
filled with pleasant dreams answered and ‘it-made-me-smile’ kinda memories.

To everyone who was instrumental in making My 26th Year
all that it was, thank you.

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