Thursday, December 04, 2008

In Melb

Its been almost a month since I wrote.
How time flies.
I am in Melbourne now as I write.
The sun is shining but the wind is bitterly cold.
I wish my dad and my bro and B were here.
My holiday would be more complete with them with me.

In two days time I go back to Temora.
I miss that place but wonder if I have grown away from it.
If I no longer can relate.
I hope I can.

This trip is much needed but I don't seem to have the space I seek.
My movements are very much kept in check which I dislike tremendously.
Perhaps starting from tonight it will change when I stay with Neeka and Matt.
But I am grateful.
I am thankful for being here.
I am enjoying things as much as I can.
and yet...
why do I feel as if things are just not right in some way.........

1 comment:

lisha said...

ooohhhh i miss melbourne so... how long will u be there for?

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