Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Today’s Dose of DW Drama

Today’s dose of DW drama:

  • Seeing KT (a new recruit at the bank) in the pantry which made me think of DT which made me think of ATW which made my heartache
  • JT’s confession which left me speechless for a good 10 seconds over the phone (a new record)
  • Having a bad migraine which led me to tell SL over lunch that I might have a tumor in my brain which led SL to give me her “you are a damn idiot for saying that kind of shit” look which made me relent so I took it back
  • Feeling queasy (been that way for 3 days and counting) and rushing to the toilet an hour after lunch to hurl the contents of my lunch / tummy into the dunny
  • Puking 6 times with close to 10 minutes of dry retching (thank God my clothes and hair were saved)
  • Looking like I got hit by a truck (real fugly) and having of all people GC open the door cos I forgot my ID
  • My boss coming out of her office to ask me (quite loudly) if I was pregnant whilst laughing and slapping jovially me on the back like I won a prize which made me want to puke all over my keyboard
  • Staring at the monitor for 3 hours trying valiantly to string sentences together (I so can’t write today)
  • Realizing that sometimes the fall from the happy fluffy clouds is pretty damn hard on ones ass (Note: Try to avoid happy fluffy clouds unless one has sufficient padding for ones behind!)
  • Seeing you and getting the confirmation that this is not some dream I conjured up
  • Having an unexpected dream come true *super duper mega grins*
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