Sunday, September 02, 2007


(left to right: Peggy, May Ling and *Dream Weaver*)

those were the days.
*grin grin*
This photo was taken in 2005, the last time the three of us were together.
I remember so fondly the days in SMKDU when we were in 1 Tanjung and
we would spend days in May and Peg's house before school, listening
to sobby songs (Tommy Page - Paintings In My Mind ~ I totally loved that tape), eating Shakey's Pizza (we loved the chicken and mojos),
laughing and just hanging out.

It was a simpler time then...
We were all so innocent, so naïve.
What happened to those times?
I flipped through my old journals the other day and smiled at the trivial "problems",
the things that seemed to be so important now merely seem a joke.
I reminiscence about those days and feel a wave of longing to
go back in time to try harder to maintain friendships which I have sadly lost,
to take the time to get to know people which I took for granted,
to make the effort to study harder and to do the things I really wanted to
do at that time but never got around to doing.....

But as it is with time... there is no going back
and I still hold strong to my beliefs that everything happens for a reason.
I hope though, that for whatever friendships I lost
or let rust along the way, in time it will mend
and grow into something beautiful again in time.


1 comment:

PegGy said...

by the way
that was...
say no evil
see no evil
and hear no evil

the 3 monkeys :)

come home safe dearies!

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