Sunday, July 22, 2007

Introducing Sam!

Finally! *Dream Weaver breathes big sigh of relieve* after much deliberation including visiting 25 different computer shops, asking advice from IT savvy friends and staining my fingers black by flipping through numerous newspapers looking for ‘good deals’, I have finally bought my notebook.

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Somehow the fact that I have my own notebook has yet to settle in my system. I haven’t gotten used to the fact that I don’t have to ‘book’ computer time anymore or stay up late every night to ‘finally use’ the internet. I can now use my lovely machine whenever I want to, wherever I want to! *hoorah hoorah*

Since I have started working, I have honestly not made any ‘huge’ purchases so this would officially be my FIRST purchase. Before buying this little toy of mine, I actually calculated that if I write at least two articles a month (on a freelance basis), I would be able to cover the cost of purchasing my new toy in less than half a year (yes, I am paranoid that way as I am seriously avoiding incurring any form of debt).

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So cheers to my new toy whose name shall be Sam henceforth. May Sam and I have a long, productive, successful and happy life together and may Sam not have as many problems or viruses as my other PC's before *smiles*

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