Tuesday, November 14, 2006

F#%k work!!!

I don't feel too well - am on MC today.
*sniff sniff sniff*
Yet there is a pile of crappy work to do - (I should be doing it now but the internet is such a persuasive tool. I can't seem to stop clicking other websites) - work which is just dumb and repetitive, stupid and annoying and boring...
I want to snuggle under my clean comforters and hug my pillows to sleep.
I don't want to go to work again tomorrow because it's going to be another painful nine hours watching the clock, reading the papers, LLB-ing, visiting the loo, stuffing my face with food, walking to the water dispenser, wishing you would call and wishing that time would pass by ~ How very tiring!
I don't feel well, did I tell you?
I think I need more Sunshine and vitamins...
I most definitely need to get back to work.
F#%k work!


amylmeiwei said...

it's a fuck-up routine huh?

get well soon.

s4ints said...

F*&k work indeed..^^
I know I just started but hell, you know what it's like.. like a walking zombie day in day out.. 8 (

Chili Padi Porky Queen said...

u prob miss gym la.. hehe

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